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The Scenic View

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware."
- Martin Buber

Recently a new trail has been added to the Al Foster trail system itís called Bluffview Trail and yes it has a beautiful bluff view. The problem is that you have to go two miles in on the trail to reach it. Iíve noticed that all the spectacular views along hiking trails take time to get to. You have to work to find the secret hidden charming places. Thatís not all, anything that says view, bluff or summit equates to a climb. Sometimes itís a nice gentle path switching back and forth up a hill, like the Bluffview Trail. But other times Iíve found myself looking straight up a rocky ridge. Itís always worth the effort to reach the viewpoint.

On vacation trips I have seen many spectacular views and I had to travel to get there.  Waterfalls for example are something that you donít see every day. Iíve had to intentionally take myself to see the delightful sight of a waterfall.  Sometimes Iíve randomly stumbled across a scenic view, but most of the time I have intentionally sought out stunning places. I know that they typically are situated in a park and many times I know people who have been there before. Often Iíve been given some great advice from folks familiar with the place I am going to visit. They have told me what to prepare for, how to get there, and what the best sight to see is. Most importantly they have told me if itís worth the trip.

Thereís a point Iím getting to here, if you want to see something special, something different you have to seek it out and make the effort.  Rarely will you stumble upon a picturesque vista the only way you will get there is to get up, walk out the door and hunt it down. Today I suggest you seek the scenic view.