nashville.JPG (122763 bytes)Self Sabotaged By Love

It happens slowly without you knowing it. You wrap yourself around your family and career. Little by little you do everything for the people you love until you are on a vicious treadmill of exhaustion. You set aside your fitness, who has time? You get tired; skip meals hurrying through your day only to make poor food choices at the end of the day out of hunger and fatigue. Even the fun stuff like sex suffers because you have nothing left, everything, every ounce of energy is poured into your work, obligations and family. They need a volunteer at the school, you squeeze aside time; cooking.JPG (115997 bytes)filling your plate of responsibilities more. Something has to give and it ends up being you. You let yourself go. Oh, not intentionally, and that sounds so lazy. You are not lazy, you just set aside caring for yourself because you have so many other things to do. Youíre extremely organized and disciplined for the husband, family and career but you have nothing in reserve, consequently there is no discipline, just survival. Your survival skills sabotage you.

I have been there. It could happen again. I could easily become Mrs. Dowell, Mrs. Maurice, Mrs. Dowco and Donna would evaporate. Itís a difficult pattern to escape from because our society reinforces it. The mom who works, parents and keeps a home, we are a culture of women who do it all. Itís an impossible role to fill. Why do we think we can do the job of three Kate & JR.jpg (8603 bytes)women? When does it stop? When do we women say to one another, itís ok if youíre not perfect, I donít care how tidy your house is, just be yourself? This is really an oversimplification because being you takes work. Carving out personal time and not getting sucked down the stream of obligations takes focused intention. So how do you get out of this rat race? Whatís the first step? Is it eating right, exercising? No itís sleep. Thatís right. I could rant about this too, we pride ourselves on how much we push ourselves, we run on fumes. Step number one, get some sleep. Get enough sleep for you. I need more sleep than most people and I function better when I get it. The first step to reclaiming yourself is reclaiming your sleep. Try it.

ďPeople who say they sleep like a baby usually donít have one.Ē - Leo J. Burke