This is where my parents live.She Walks 18 Miles A Day!

Its incredibly beautiful.My parents live in an RV park just outside Temecula California. About 12 years ago they sold their home choosing a nomadic lifestyle touring our beautiful country. They fell in love with Johoba Park and put themselves on the about two year waiting list to become residents. The park has around 250 lots and if you weave up and down all the streets you can accumulate some training mileage which is what my Mom was doing as she was training for a marathon. My Mother is a fast walker and she has completed three marathons since her 67th birthday. I suppose her neighbors have gotten used to seeing her zip along the streets but I recall one time when a resident asked her “How far are you going?” 

They are in the desert but about an hour from the ocean.It happened to be one of her long training days and she replied “18 miles.” 

Well within a few days rumor had it that Mary Lou walked 18 miles a day. Now if you aren’t familiar with marathon training let me explain. Most training plans have you go long once a week and that is generally your weekend day. You work your way up to doing a couple 18 or 20 mile sessions, nobody actually goes 18 miles a day. 

My Mom, the woman who walks 18 miles a day.Every now and then someone will ask me how I do it all. They lump all my activities and accomplishments into one pile and think I do it all at once, all the time. The truth is when I trained for the Ironman I didn’t have the time to do much else. When I train for marathons, I lighten up on the biking and running. When we get busy at work, I train less, and some days I just fulfill domestic obligations. There is some intentionality here and I know that I can only do so much, for so long. But that’s just it, life is lived in chapters and during these chapters you chose your primary focus. Right now we’re entering the busy holiday season and before you fill up your calendar, stop and take a moment to decide what is your most important objective.  Will it be a joyous whirlwind of activities or will you savor a few special moments? Will you continue a cherished tradition or will you seek out a new meaningful experience? What would happen if we took a moment to intentionally decide and plan our holiday experience? I think I’ll do that, how about you? 

Home sweet home.May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”  - Mary Anne Radmacher