909939_59180986.jpg (556155 bytes)Sick With A Cold

Iím sick with a cold and while I was resting I had the strong desire to go outside and take a little walk with Monica our dog. I just want to get healthy so I can get back to normal. Funny thing is that sometimes we get bored with our normal life and thatís why catching a cold can be beneficial. For me I have been forced to stop. After the first day the cold started I decided that I wasnít going to be sick. I was just going to think it away. That did not work, for two days I pushed through life getting things done while taking OTC medication and carting around a box of tissues. Yesterday I gave in; I left the office at noon, came home and went to bed.
Which brings me back to where I am now, decidedly sick with a cold. I surrendered and stayed in to rest. As I rested I thou233233_4247.jpg (85196 bytes)ght about all the things I want to do when I feel better.  Surprisingly all of the things I miss are routine and not spectacular stuff. For example I want to wake up without a sore throat, and I know Maurice canít wait for me to stop snoring while I sleep with my mouth open to breathe.  Iíd like to enjoy morning coffee that I can smell and taste.  I want to go work out hard, without taking it easy because Iím sick.  Just the simple things of life that I overlook and take for granted. 

 ďHealth is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year.Ē Ė Franklin P. Adams