The Small Cart

Have you seen those small half size shopping carts? Instead of the full size cart I chose a small one for the first time and I liked it. Iím not a very moderate person, to me more is always better, but lately Iíve been looking at all the ďmoreĒ in my life. Here is what I am finding: more is just that more. Itís more to do, more to worry about, more to take care of and more to exhaust you. Actually it was refreshing to push the lighter cart. Driving the little cart my mindset changed, I only put what I needed immediately into the basket. Compared to the buying in a bulk heavy laden Samís cart this was a breeze. In fact I felt so unencumbered that I took a little stroll over to the floral department and enjoyed at the beautiful fresh flowers. I took that visual memory out the door and decided that the small cart is the way to go. In fact Iím taking the small cart approach to other areas in my life.

Ever feel like your life is a rat race? I have and I took some steps to remove many activities from my schedule. For starters I removed myself from Facebook and the result is I can focus on what is really important. Iíve found that this has allowed me to spend more time with God. Right now I am studying the bible and spending a lot of time in prayer. Iíve traded in the big cart and all the distractions to seek God and a personal relationship with him. Here is what I found: God is awesome!  The more I seek him the more he shows himself to me. Every day is a learning experience and God wants to teach you lessons. I have much to thank the Lord for.