So Sweet!Itís A Small World.

My friend Katie had a baby. A year ago we were meeting at the track doing speed work together planning our next race and here she is now a Mom 24/7. Her world has gotten smaller. I say that because besides the joy that it brings a baby adds so many responsibilities to your life. The only way you can cope is to discard almost everything but the fundamentals, so your world becomes small. My world became very small a couple years ago when my sister Cindy almost died. Staph and Step from a simple outpatient procedure threatened to take her life. For a week I instantly reduced my world. It was quite simple, first of all make sure someone was always with Cindy, secondly deal with the bare bone necessitates my family required, and that was all I could do. Life is like that, expanding and contracting. What are you facing?We live in seasons. I know that for a while I am not going to spend much time with Katie, and thatís ok, we are connected regardless. 

Here is the message I want to send today, if you are struggling, if necessity has caused you to reduce your world to the bare minimum that you can manage, hang in there. This is only a chapter. Weed out all the unnecessary and just do the next thing, and then the next. Several months ago I confided to my friend Paula that I wished I could disconnect emotionally. Family struggles pushed me to limit my world and I grappled for a way to reduce my anguish. Her response was that you never will, you just have to suffer through it. If you are suffering through right now keep in mind that this is only for a time, dig in, focus and do what you must. Forceful WaveYou can do this. It will end and then you can live large.

"Every wave, regardless of how high and forceful it crests, must eventually collapse within itself." _ Stefan Zweig