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Space To Be Honest

My friend a retired professional musician smiled and said “It will give you space to be honest.”

He was referring to a mentoring relationship I had just stepped into and his words echoed in my head. Space to be honest, funny thing was until he made this statement I didn’t realize how much I wanted a life of honesty.  We live in a world where little white lies and stretching the truth are common. It’s embarrassing to admit but telling the truth is hard and uncomfortable.  Beyond speaking the truth, there’s another dimension to truth and that is living the truth. How do you live the truth, your own authentic truth?

Truthful living does take space. Distance from people, places and things of influence. It also takes a bit of time to whittle away all the untruths in our lives. For me space to be honest equates to living authentically. Each one of us is a unique combination of likes and dislikes, of strong character and of our flawed defects.  When we are honest with ourselves, when we pause to reflect, to study our motives we learn more about own truth. Some time ago I was facing a dilemma unable to make a choice and a friend asked me a simple question. “What’s your motive?”

Wow, that was an amazing question. In the past I often reflected about the motive of an action I made, after the fact. This was a new concept for me, to stop, ponder and reflect my motive before I did it.

Does space to be honest appeal to you? Then take a step in that direction. Make a change, carve out some space. Reflect. Living in your own truth is worth it. Find the space to be honest.