Stand Firm

Wind is a crazy thing, especially when you are trying to run. Once I was running along a paved trail that sits atop the hump of the levee. This unprotected mound of earth provided no shelter from the gust of wind surging from an ominous storm lurking in the distance.  The wind in Missouri is tough, I mean hey let it get out of control and you’ve got a tornado. So I’m running and this wind is pushing against me as I try to run forward, forcing me to flex my muscles against its resistance.  I turned a corner and it became a mischievous cross wind that lifted and tossed me to the side of the trail. Wow, that was some gust! Intrigued I walked to see if the wind possessed the same power over me and noticed that I felt a little more stable when I slowed my speed down. Then I stopped and stood still. The wind continued to roar but when I stood with my feet firmly planted it just blew by me. I stayed in place and my hair flew all about my head.

“Find a truth you can stand on and then stand on it.”  A friend recently suggested to me.  He then went on to explain that no matter how hard or ugly life got, if I stood firm I would survive.  Funny thing is I often feel that I should do something-standing firm and waiting is difficult. Life challenges are at times like that wind, surrounding and pushing against us relentlessly, forcing us to admit that all we can do is stop, stand and wait it out.  

My dad often says “If you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

At times I am often my worst enemy. I jump in and rush to do something. I make rash decisions to solve my problem and I mess things up even more.  After a lifetime of impulsive reacting I made a startling discovery. If you wait, things work out.  I was unaware that the universe didn’t revolve around me and surprise, surprise I do not have to fix everything. That wind blowing all around out there, that crisis sucking me down, is simply part of a journey to strengthening my faith.  For me the truth I can stand on is that God loves me and He controls everything. This is a truth I can stand on.