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Maurice and I went out to dinner at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion the first night we were in Las Vegas.  The service was exceptional and our server bragged about the superb food and the accomplished chef’s work. When the dinner arrived it was so beautifully presented that Maurice and I couldn’t help but take pictures with our iphones and post to facebook. One of the managers asked us about our dining experience and we told her about our positive photo facebooks posts.  She excitedly told us about the skills of the chef and described many of his culinary feats. Every aspect of our dinner was top notch and the staff at Roy’s was proud of their work. I found it interesting that everyone boasted about how excellent Roy’s was.

A couple days later we went on a facility tour at Las Vegas Valley Crest site. If you are not familiar with Valley Crest check them out on the web at Three charter busses transported us to their facility where we were greeted by about a half dozen of the Valley Crest head honchos. Every person entering the facility shook hands with directors and vice presidents of this impressive organization. I immediately noticed the large artwork on the walls featuring photographs of VC projects.  Under each photo was a caption-Valley Crest The Workforce of Nature. Everywhere I looked I found blatant pride of their work but none more than when we watched a 22,000 pound tree be moved by a crane.  The veteran operational director explained the difficulties Valley Crest encounters when they install casino landscapes. Most of the pool areas have only one access point and many times this is through the lobby. Imagine the logistical nightmare of moving gigantic trees while other tradesmen are working on the project. Many times Valley Crest will work during the night hours so they do not have the congestion of the other tradesmen on the site. The scope of the projects they have completed is mind boggling and the unabashed pride of ownership was justifiable. (Click here for more photos.)

Here is what I found interesting, each company went over the top, they did everything required and then dreamed of how to make it spectacular. Everyone involved completed the work and then stepped back and said “Ta da!” I thought about my own work and many times I find myself simply completing tasks and finishing work. Rarely do I stop and consider how I could make my work phenomenal.  What would happen if I looked at my projects and envisioned how I could make my work amazing? I’m sure it would take a little more time and effort but watching these folks I realized that I was missing out. With a little more creativity and a bit more effort I could as Emeril says “Kick it up a notch.” I will be rewarded when I present my work stepping back proudly while my project shouts “Ta da!” What would it take for you to flamboyantly show off your talents?

“From this instant on, vow to stop disappointing yourself. Separate yourself from the mob. Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do – now.” Epictetus