oregon4.JPG (314922 bytes)Take A Step Away

Last week I was consumed with issues of our home buying and selling.  I did research on short sales and found that many of these could take months. Ok, let me back track here, we have a contract on our house. In fact it only took about 24 hours for God to orchestrate a buyer with a contract on our home and a seller of my favorite but out of price home reducing their price $115,000! This is the same home I wrote about here: Risk. We filled out all the necessary paper work and waited. Weíre waiting to find out if the sellerís bank will actually approve a short sale. Oh, if you donít know a short sale is where the homeowner owes more than they are selling the house for. 

oregon.JPG (1363515 bytes)On top of that we had to deal with the inspections of our home. Since we decided to sell our house many things are breaking. Iím not sure what the house is telling us-get out, or donít go, but weíve had tons of little things popping up. For example a bird got caught in the chimney. We have the mesh on the top of the tube but somehow he snuck in between the tube and firebox. Critter Control told me the only way to get Tweetie out was to cut through the siding and the back of the fireplace. Then the fellow informed me that it should only stink for about a week-this was a couple days before the building inspection. Numerous small things occupied our attention and we repaired them as they appeared finally getting through the inspection.  Only to have to wait for the buyers reply and we are still waiting for the sellerís bank to release the short sale. While we waited I started to do some research on short sales oregon3.JPG (1845584 bytes) and found that this might not actually work. We received a copy of the title search and the sellers of the home had more debt than I expected which caused me to wonder if the bank would actually do this. I did more research and found more to worry about. What would I do if this didnít work? Where would I live temporarily? How much would that cost? One thing led to another and I was caught up exploring all alternatives, only to wear myself out mentally.

A funny thing happened-we left town. When I got away I realized it wasnít that big a deal. Iíd been wasting my time caught up in this emotional study of what could happen and what would I do. This isnít the first time Iíve done this, it happens often when I have to wait. Instead of setting the matter aside I mentally micromanage and now that Iím physically and emotionally distant I wonder why in the world I allowed myself to jump on this ride. Itís a ride that goes round and round, it goes nowhere and it doesnít stop until you get off it. The problem is itís hard to get off, once you determine that you have to solve oregon2.jpg (1009699 bytes)every potential problem that ride goes faster and faster creating a force which keeps you spinning round and round. The challenge for me is to wait. Simply admitting that I am going to wait and I do not need to do anything while I wait. Accepting that the outcome is not in my hands, just wait.

ďThe keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.Ē Ė Ralph Marston