Temecula Mud Run

First of all there is no mud in the desert. Creating a mud run in this environment is a challenge because every bit of moisture is quickly sucked up in the air.  Additionally the soil is very sandy composed of granite and this created  a sort of grey muddy concrete when it dried on our clothes and shoes.  Aside from that this mud run in California was just like the one I did in Missouri-fun.

Mom and I signed up for the Mud Run with one goal, to have a great time and we did. A couple days before the race we searched the local thrift stores and found two tie-dyed t shirts that almost matched to wear on the run. We cut the arms off the shirts and created matching headbands.  These shirts gave us our nickname because at one point on the course we started to pass a group of four younger people and a spectator shouted to them to hurry up or the “tie-dyed ladies” were going to pass them.

The race took place at an equestrian center called Galway Downs. There were 24 obstacles along the 5K run and four water stations. It was a hot day probably reaching into the 90’s while we were out on the course.  The mud and water felt terrific. Mom and I stayed together sloshing through mud, climbing over and under obstacles running and walking in between.  At one point Mom decided it would be a good idea to pelt me with mud balls on my back. She would grab a handful of goop and toss it at me, which in turn gave me a reason to turn around, take both hands and splash a bunch of water at her.

Mud runs are one of those events where the quality of your experience depends upon who is on your team.  If you have an optimistic, fun loving teammate with a sense of humor you will have a great adventure.  I had a wonderful teammate-thanks Mom!