Ten Pictures

It all started when I read Josieís facebook post that said: I read a blog today over lunch that stated you can easily take ten photos within 10 feet of where you are sitting - so, I decided to take the "challenge" while eating lunch at my desk. Here are the results, so much fun! Let's see yours.....

Attached were ten photos she shared and I smiled when I saw the photo of her peeled orange sections clumped on a napkin. Josie has a macro lens for her camera so her inclination is to notice tiny small things and blow them up. Of course the ten photos she posted from her iphone reflected this. Then she tossed the challenge back at me sending me an email saying I want to see your ten photos. I looked around my office and thought, I donít have anything pretty in here, itís an office in a warehouse, itís functional, thereís nothing to photograph. But if Josie thought this was doable, I would try, so I looked around my office for something to photograph.

My first choice was the calendar on the wall taking me away to the beach. It was a pretty choice but not too original. Next I took a couple shots out the window and those were okay but still lacked creativity. Photos of a few mementos followed with a hug card and two little gift magnets. Feeling humorous, I smiled and thought Iíd take a picture of the mouse trap tucked in the corner and guess what? The dial pointed to ďMouse Caught.Ē After I disposed of the mouse, I pondered what next as my eyes spied the recycling box outside my office door and I stuck my phone with its camera down to snap at those soda cans. Back in my office I kind of liked the look of my monogrammed jacket so I photographed it. Then I spied the stack of cds and noticed how the light shined though the edge of tower. The fun started as I began to blur the edges of the cds and play with the light. What else would look different up close I questioned and captured my cdís poking out of its case. I pulled out my box of bright yellow business cards stuck the camera close and clicked it. Feeling inspired I pulled out my bottle of fish oil vitamins and played with those.

Reviewing the photos and following my thought process it seemed that I needed to get warmed up to get creative. The out of box thinking didnít kick in immediately rather I worked my way into it. John Maxwell has a list of seven steps to success and he states ďDonít wait for inspiration.Ē I agree and sometimes you journey to get to the inspiration. Being creative requires an open mind that says Iím going to walk down this path and make a discovery. Itís innovation that begins by opening your eyes with mindful intentionality. Weíre all creative, but we all donít take the time to play with things, to follow the path, to see what happens. If I applied this to other areas in my life I wonder what would happen if I dabbled with possible solutions longer? What if I didnít stop at the first choice that presented itself, like the beach calendar photo and kept going seeing what other options arose? Today Iím going to look for possibilities longer, Iím going to stay on the path and see what unfolds.

Pretty calendar photo-not original. A look out my window. Lets try that again. Maybe another direction. Cute little hug card. Tiny magnets. Surprise! Bye bye... Recycling Dowco-where I am. Light and CDs Business cards Fish oil Fish oil up close