Things I never dreamed would happen…

I read headlines detailing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scandal of having a child with a household staffer. Of course my thoughts went to his wife Maria and I wondered how she felt.How do you walk through a scandal with dignity I wondered? She certainly is and I bet she never dreamed that she would face some of what has happened in her life.  Across the board we all can agree that life throws events and situations that had we known about in advance we would have shrunk back and cried out “I can’t do that!”

When I feel overwhelmed and incapable of the challenges facing me I research people who walked through fire and survived. I examine how they did it looking for clues that I can take and emulate myself.  I use it as a learning process, hunting for the steps they took, the tools they used because if I copy what was successful for them, then I can do it too.  Many have gone before us, faced the same challenge which gives them experiences and tips to share. We don’t have to do it ourselves.

Years ago when I started racing triathlons Tonya an accomplished veteran in the sport shared her secrets of success with me. She shared everything from strategies for successful hydration and bottle exchange on the bike to ways of eliminating time gobbling trips to the porta potty. Funny thing was that as time went by I found myself sharing these same secrets with other tri-newbies.  One of the best things in life is to see the face of a friend light up as they cross the finish line for the first time. Having been there myself I understand their elation and feel their success.  On the other hand, I’ve know terror and fear, some of the dark days you struggle through I’ve endured. I share with you and you share with me - that is how we do the things that we never thought we would have to do.