mouse4.jpg (59084 bytes)Think!

I was in the basement exercise room working out on the elliptical machine when I heard this scratching little tapping noise outside the door. I hopped of the machine and found our dog Monica had moved a mouse trap from the basement storage area into the family room. Our home is in a wooded sort of country oasis smack in the middle of suburbia. We love this secret gem of a location but not the critters. Once the weather turned cold we learned that a mouse trap is always necessary in the basement.  At first I used the simple wooden wire traps, but I worried that Monica would get into it and chop her tongue off so I found these enclosed traps.  The mouse walks into the little house and gets killed in it. Itís kind of nice no spattered mouse bits, no ugly dead mouse to look at, just a trap that reads:  ďMouse Caught.Ē

So Monica has the little box trap and the arrow points to the ďNot SetĒ sign on the box.  I pick up the box and carry it back to the unfinished storage area of the basement. I set the box down and press the lever to set the trap and Pow! A mouse launches himself out of that trap. You athletes reading this would have been impressed by the way I instantly went from squatting to fully extended two feet off the ground while screaming, in a mere one or two seconds.  

mouse.jpg (46603 bytes)After the mouse zoomed away I looked at Monica and couldnít help but laugh. By this time Maurice who was upstairs is hollering to find out what is going on. First Iím screaming then Iím laughing. When I told the story to Maurice I realized that I had simply believed what I read, that the trap wasnít ready. I didnít question it; I didnít notice that the little box had something in it. A lot of times we go through life like that, basically believing what we read, not stopping to question, and never looking for discrepancies.  We donít see the potential pitfall in our path.  But thatís not the problem; the problem is that we stop thinking.  Thinking means that when we sit in our car at a red light and the light turns green, we take a moment to think and we realize that there are a whole lot of folks out there in a hurry who are going to run a red light and if we think about this we know that green light does not mean go immediately.  The problem is that sometimes we forget to think.  Today I encourage you to live mindfully.  Think!

ďBut how shall I get ideas? Keep your wits open! Observe! Observe! Study! Study! But above all, Think! Think! And when a noble image is indelibly impressed upon the mind-Act!Ē Ė Orison Swett Marden