Think Easy

ďThink Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast. You start with easy, because if thatís all you get thatís not so bad. Then work on light. Make it effortless, like you donít give a shit how high the hill is or how far youíve got to go. When youíve practiced that so long that you forget youíre practicing, you work on making it smooooooth. You wonít have to worry about the last one-you get those three, and youíll be fast.Ē Ė Micah True

Think Easy, I often repeat those words in my head.  Words spoken by Micah True also known as Caballo Blanco who is written about in Christopher McDougallís book Born to Run. You might think that since Iíve been running for a while I would be beyond this but I still have days when itís hard to run.  Before I read Micahís recommendation I would try to run ďpretty.Ē I used the term pretty to propel me away from the way I feel when I struggle. Typically I will fist my hands together, lean my head forward, look down and power through the run with a frown creasing my brow-not pretty.  I sort of figured if I tried to run pretty I would manage my form, but thinking easy works better.

Iíve used that think easy philosophy in other areas of my life too. Itís a sort of bare minimum, accept where you are philosophy. Think easy because if thatís all youíve got itís alright, thatís enough. For example when I have made changes that challenge me, some days all I can do is hang in there, stick with it and thatís enough. This is especially helpful when trying to break a habit, simply not doing the offensive behavior is enough.  Itís not so bad, actually sometimes just not doing it, just enduring is progress.  My Mom is a Eucharistic Minister at her church and she told me that when she was serving communion on Motherís Day she saw many women with tears in their eyes. They were remembering their Mothers. I asked my Mom if the grief she has for her own Mother still bothers her. My Mom is 73 and her mother died when she was 9. Although many years have gone by she said yes it did. Feelings are long lasting and powerful making that another area where I have employed this ďwhat Iíve got is enoughĒ thinking.  Riding out an overwhelming emotion at times requires endurance along with a bit of going easy on myself, which in a nutshell is what this is all about, easy. When the going gets tough and you are doing your best, go easy on yourself, accept your progress whatever it is. Continue and think easy.