Thunderstorm Running

I tried to outrun a storm. Looking at the radar map I could see a big patch of precipitation moving in from the west, bit by bit inching its way towards me. It had been a few days since I had been out running on the trail and it was calling my name.  I had to go.

Driving to the trail I noticed the sky darkening and hoped the storm would hold off until I finished if not I figured it wouldnít be that bad, Iíd probably only get caught in the beginning of a little drizzle. Sure enough the rain came about a mile into my seven mile run. I had planned to head out on the trail about three and a half miles and then turn and come back. I could turn back anytime I needed to.  The rain picked up intensity as I ran along but I kept thinking I can always turn back. The folly of this logic became clear as I reached the furthest point from my car. Here at the remote end of my loop is where it got crazy. The rain gushed from the sky as the thunder that I had heard in the distance was right on top of me. A bright blast illuminated the forest and thatís when I considered the possibility of being struck by lightning. Soaking wet with water running down my face, I figured if God wanted me he could have me. I wasnít afraid. Which got me thinking, if I wasnít afraid to die running in a thunderstorm, why was I afraid to live?

Have you ever been so fearful that you shout out to God, get me out of here - please take me home? Real life gets so scary that you donít want to face it. Itís at those times that I want to flee and Iíll admit there are times when death seems preferable to life. But if I unravel this path of thought I find that it is because I believe that in heaven I will be with God and everything will be alright. I somehow donít carry this promise with me to the here and now of my life. God is with me now and everything will be alright. Could I take that same safe secure feeling of being with God and face my fears of the next day? Letís go back to that run on the trail, I was completely alone running through the storm and I wasnít afraid to die, lightening could come and get me.  Running I had hoped to avoid the storm but I was drenched and nowhere near my car. I had to continue running in the rain and we continue to live however if we are going to live then shouldnít we choose how we live? The choice is ours do we live secure in our faith or swamped by fear?  

ďFor I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.Ē  Isaiah 41:13