Trail closed-really?Absolutely wonderful running along the closed trail.Trail Closed

A couple weeks ago I was running on the Al Foster trail. This is a picturesque trail that weaves along the Meramec River and connects to the adjacent Castlewood Park trail systems. The Al Foster trail itself is about 2.5 miles long and when I got to Castlewood I came to a Trail Closed sign. I wanted to run more than 5 miles and so I ran right by that sign and continued on the Castlewood trail. Running along the closed trail I could not see any reason for it to be closed. In fact a few cyclists passed me on their mountain bikes and they obviously didnít heed the closed sign either. I had a wonderful time running on the trail and as I ran I thought about how much I enjoyed running. Funny thing is when I was a kid I didnít think I could run. I thought this because as a child most of the running that you do is sprinting. Children play games like dodge ball requiring short bursts of speed. I did not possess rocket blasting acceleration so I erroneously figured I couldnít run. From around 7th grade until my senior year in college I had closed this trail sign in front of my running path. Running was not for me.

Had I heeded the sign I would have missed this.The Meramec RiverWhen I was in college took an aerobics class to fulfill a PE requirement and one afternoon the instructor had us go outside and take a short run. I found that I loved to run and I tore down that closed sign I had placed in front my running. Hereís something to think about -do you have any closed signs you need to reconsider?

"If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much." Tom Krause