Trial and Error

The end of February I decorated our foyer with a spring theme. I knew that the stuffed animal duck with the raincoat needed to go, but I couldn’t seem to find the inspiration for the summer theme. I toyed with the idea of something patriotic with flags. Then I considered red geraniums and strawberries but I couldn’t visualize the look I wanted to create. When I was out shopping I would look for inspiration and I was frustrated that nothing was clicking for me.

All of Maurice’s siblings are coming to our house and suddenly I was faced with a deadline. That little April showers thing greeting them when they walked into our house simply wouldn’t do. I had to change it. Did you catch that-I had to. Dilly dallying waiting around for something to pop into my head was no longer an option. Change was necessary and this forced me to start rooting around the house for the new look. I love sunflowers, so I started there, and placed a few items in the foyer. But really that’s my fall theme so I put all that away for another time. I had two pieces from Mexico that seemed sunny and fun. A small sun and some ceramic fish caught my eye. I took these two items and built the fun in the sun themed foyer with items I already had in my house.

What I learned is that waiting to be inspired can be a waste of time. Sometimes you have to just start. I pulled out the sunflowers, they didn’t work. I found the Mexican pottery added, arranged and rearranged until I liked it. I never had a light bulb moment, the artistic inspirational flash; rather it was trial and error. Life is like that too. You can sit around and wait for all the answers or you can go out and try something. Are you looking for a solution? Trial and error will get you there faster than waiting.

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” – Ivan Turgenev