hyacinth4.jpg (80543 bytes)hyacinth3.jpg (109266 bytes)Let’s Try Again!

A couple days ago as I walked by my garden bed I noticed the hyacinths were beginning to pop up. The green tips were small about an inch tall and I almost missed seeing their heads poking out of the ground. Immediately I felt my lips curve into a smile, spring is on the way! Have you noticed that each day we are receiving more daylight? The sunrises earlier and it sets later.  The longer days are predictable; the hyacinths popping up are an expected part of the cycle of garden life. We too have cycles and right now we’re about to turn away from January and those annual resolutions. If you’re like me by the time you reach February you question the goals you set in January. It’s a time when you start to see the cost and weigh out the value of the goal you set.  Unfortunately I often find myself slipping back into the old habits I try to break. It’s sort of like my spiritual life, I have all sorts of intentions at the beginning of the year and then I fail. Sometimes I get tripped up by the same shortcoming over and over. Other times a new sin pops up and surprises me.  Sadly this is as predictable as the changing of the seasons, but that is nohyacinth.jpg (83029 bytes) reason to give up hyacinth2.jpg (75644 bytes) and quit. Now is the time of year to dig a little deeper, to push a little harder, and to resolve to be better.  If you like me have blown your resolutions, who says you can’t start over?  Let’s try again!

“Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the spring when it is gone.” –Roy R. Gilson