Turn The Page

challenges.jpg (21789 bytes)Last week if you were to ask how I was, I would have said stressed. But that is such an overused word. Everybody is stressed. How about this: my stomach hurt because it was clenched in knots. When worry and fear consumed me my hands would shake. You get the picture?

Remember the Tour de Life?  Well it seems I suddenly found myself in a high pressure time trial. Where did this come from? I didnít enter this race, it turns out that my coach (God) thought it would be good for me. In fact he had to remind me that I was ready for it, that he had equipped me for it.

You see at first when I found myself in the middle of the unexpected crisis, my immediate response was to have an internal meltdown. I just fell apart emotionally inside. Thatís when God sent reinforcements: a word of encouragement from a cousin, who reminded me that all things work together for good, a steadfast friend reminding me she would listen and be a shoulder to lean on anytime I needed her. God reminded me how he carried me through the last calamity. At first I was surprised and unequipped, but this time Iím seasoned, Iíve faced predicaments before and I know that God is faithful.

rr2.jpg (437223 bytes)After a high pressure week, a huge part of me just wanted to burrow under the covers and stay in bed all weekend. I made it through the week and I was mentally exhausted. Thatís when I decided to do a nature run. I grabbed the camera and ran through Rockwoods Reservation and took pictures of spring unfolding.  It was glorious!

Life is full of ups and downs. Many times we have no control over circumstances, events and other people. However after you pass through a period of stress or unhappiness in life, there is no reason to stay and wallow in it. Thatís when we turn the page emotionally. We start a new chapter and we begin by nurturing ourselves. When you deplete yourself physically, you refuel. The same is true mentally. If I use all my mental resources I must restore and new.jpg (658907 bytes)refuel myself emotionally. I donít think this comes naturally. It is a shifting gears, a change of pace, direction, speed and it requires effort create a new momentum. For me it was a bit of time in the park, running without the heart rate monitor, unconcerned about pace, stopping whenever something caught my eye. Are you stressed or facing challenges? This will pass, and when it does, donít stay there, refuel and move on.

"Öif youíre tired of the same old story turn some pages..." Reo Speedwagon lyrics from Roll With The Changes