UH5.jpg (51766 bytes)Uneventful Halloween

We spent most of the week leading up to Halloween in Louisville for the GIC. It was a busy informative week of educational sessions, meetings, dinners and networking events. Days that started early and ended way past my normal bedtime, and Maurice packed even more into his itinerary. I knew that he would be tired when we got home and foremost on his mind would be Dowco. Maurice would want to see what had happened while he was gone and catch up on his work. With this in mind I made no plans for Halloween. Oh I bought some candy in the event that we had a random trick or treater but nope, we didnít even pause in our day to acknowledge Halloween. We touched down in St. Louis around 3pm giving me time to unpack and start on our laundry. I sifted through both our suitcases and Maurice headed straight to his home office. Later in the evening Maurice had some details to attend to at the office and headed to Dowco, leaving me at home on Halloween. I think around 8pm it hit me-weíd had no trick or treaters, and I didnít have a costume on. Ok Iíll admit it-I like to wear a costume when I give candy out to the kids. I realized that this was Halloween and I was missing out. Now whoís fault was that? Mine! And you can bet it wonít happen next year.

UH1.jpg (502090 bytes)So hereís the deal, right now weíre heading into Christmas and itís up to you. What kind of holiday do you want to have? Think in terms of experiences, what do you want to experience and feel this season. This weekend I decided that I needed some sort of Christmas decoration in every room-did you notice I said that I needed? Yeah, anyhow every room in our home now has some little bit of Christmas in it. Once that goal was accomplished I I UH2.jpg (490138 bytes)considered experiences, what do I want to do and feel?  How can I carve that into my plans? Itís sort of like Halloween if I donít stop and make the effort to experience what I want then I get nothing.  And one more thing, this has nothing to do with decorations, presents or money, itís all about experiences.  What Christmas memories will you create this year?

"Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories." - Cathy Allen