Terri walking the first timeUpdates on Terri

I've been posting updates on face book and I thought I would share them with you for those of you not connected to FB.

Update #1

Thank you all for the thoughts and especially the prayers. I am posting a photo of Terri walking on Wednesday morning for the first time. Every day she shows improvement. This morning when I arrived the bandage was off of her head. The oncologist discussed her treatment with us and it will start with 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Three weeks off and then 4 weeks cycles 6 more times. There is some talk of her going home soon and if you want to send cards here is her address:

13511 Pine Wood Trail
St Louis MO 63128
I think in the coming weeks she would appreciate cards, visits, emails and phone calls as she goes through the treatments.

Terri, Kim and DonnaUpdate #2 Terri Is Going Home Today

Terri is going home today. They have requested a hospital bed because they have a two story home and this will allow her to stay downstairs. Yesterday her sister Mary washed her hair and helped her shower. This morning she was sporting a new pull over hair style. She is now able to eat more solid foods but bright lights still bother her.

The picture below is of Terri and I with another friend from Lindbergh High School Kim Rumping-McKinney.

I've met her Doctors and they all are compassionate and caring. This morning what she wanted to know from the doctor is when she could have a beer.

She would love visitors and it would be a help to her husband Alan if you would phone the house first. (Please contact me for the phone number, I don't want to list it on the website.)