work2.jpg (201174 bytes)Urgent and Immediate

I will not be overwhelmed. I will not allow this to overwhelm me. Thatís what I thought as I stepped into my office this morning. Too many tasks at hand, because believe it or not fall is an incredibly busy time in the lawn care industry. Add to that, weíve just purchased a small company and we need to merge these clients into our data base, send them welcome letters and route them in with our customers. Oh, and yes the staff training session that I am responsible for, itís this Thursday not next. I donít know how I mixed that up, but I did and it is in TWO days. Might I add that this week will be my biggest training week ever? Yep, bring it on.

work.jpg (101192 bytes)So what will I do? First not all of my work needs to be done on an immediate basis. I can put off some accounting work, get it done in one batch when I have time. I have decided that I will prioritize by date due. I will focus on the immediate projects and set the rest aside for another day. If it is urgent or immediate, it will get my attention. Since I am self employed I can come and go as I wish, but I still have work I must complete. Fitting my training in this week will be challenging because more hours at work will be necessary. No problem I am going to put my training in the immediate column of my day too. Finally whatever I donít get done, I donít get done.

This putting out fires prioritization is really not what I should do for the long haul. Dealing with tasks and projects based on their merit or importance is the best way, but its crunch time and this will work for a short period of time. It idonnas desk.JPG (128463 bytes)s a coping strategy and I am going to use it. I will not be overwhelmed.

ďThere are powers inside of you, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.Ē Ė Orison Swett Marden