Waiting Until

Before the Super Bowl Kelly searched the house for a yellow towel because she wanted to have a terrible towel for the game. We didnít have a yellow towel but she found a purple towel which she used to wave cheering during the game.  Kelly rallied around the Pittsburg Steelers all night long.  Funny thing about this was the next morning she told me that she had decided ten minutes before the game to be a Steelersí fan. What?

purple.jpg (591811 bytes)My daughter was so enthusiastic about the game that I never would have thought this was such a recent decision.  Kelly decided to cheer for the Steelers and instantly she was a passionate Steeler fan. I think she got it right. How many times do we wait until, to do something? You know Iím going to wait until I lose weight to go to the gym. Iím going to wait until Iím a better person to go to church. Iím going to wait until I have long fingernails to wear rings. Iím going to wait until I have a boyfriend to be happy.  We put off doing things until and the sad thing is that often times we put requirements in front of our happiness. Iíll be happy when I get a dog. Iíll be happy when someone asks me to Prom. Iíll be happy when I get a raise. Iíll be happy when I drop ten pounds. Why?smile.jpg (928013 bytes)

Why do we force ourselves to earn happiness?

"The life you have led doesn't need to be the only life you have." - Anna Quindlen