friendsWake Up Call

I was out walking Monica the other day when I suddenly heard a loud crash from the impact of two cars. I turned to see that a few driveways away from me two cars had collided. One car started to smoke and it was eerily quiet after that loud burst of metal hitting metal. Nobody moved in either car and I started to walk over to see if anyone needed help. I stopped because the two drivers got out of their cars and a police car pulled up. Wow, what a wake up call. I found myself reminded that life is short and notfriends for a long timehing is guaranteed. We face risks everyday and sometimes we just take our health and safety for granted. Immediately I sent up a prayer of thanks that my family and friends were all healthy and safe. 

That got me thinking about wake up calls. Sometimes we get so caught up in living our daily life that we forget the important things. Actually it’s not things at all that are important, its people. Family and friends, the ones we love, who we occasionally get slack about keeping in touch with.  There are people who matter in our life and we expect them to understand our lapses.  What if we got intentional about the important people in our life? I good friendscan hear you groaning right now, that you don’t have time and you already have a ton of to dos on your list.  Ok, I understand, how about this, what if today you contacted one person?  Do it now, make a quick phone call, send out an email. It’s as simple as “I was thinking about you, how are you?”  You’ll be glad that you did.

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small it takes time, we haven’t time-and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keefe