slide.JPG (381626 bytes)Wet Wiggly Little Guy

A few weeks ago as I was entering the swimming pool at the YMCA, I met a wet wiggly little guy. This young fellow was elated because he got to go down the slide and he wasnít tall enough. In fact he was so thrilled that he had to stop me, a total stranger, and share the good news. He stood beside the sign and pointed out to me that he clearly was not quite tall enough to qualify for this privilege. This small boy was filled with so much happiness that he couldnít contain it. It wiggled out his little wet body, it radiated through his smile.

splash.jpg (2410848 bytes)Just that, going down the slide before he was tall enough, filled him with joy.  I smiled because I realized that it wouldnít be long before he was tall enough to go down the slide.  However in his young life, time goes so slowly, it probably seemed like it would take forever for him to grow tall enough. The older I get the quicker time goes. But for him in the child world where time moves slowly this was huge. He thoroughly enjoyed this grand moment. He was delighted and wanted to share it. Actually, I wanted to stop and climb up on the slide and go down it too.

I remember a few years ago overhearing a teenage girl saying ďIíve had such a great day, Iím sparkling.Ē Do you ever feel that way? Exuberant? I think we grow up and become serious and responsible. Maybe itís because we rush to get so many things done that time moves faster for us as we get older.  Did you ever lay on the grass as a kid and look up watching clouds float by? Who has time to do that now? Maybe time would not move so swiftly if we stopped and slowed down. Perhaps time isnít traveling quickly; itís us rushing through life. When we do this, weíre getting a lot done, but what are we missing?  I didnít join the little wet guy riding down the slide. In fact I barely considerclouds.jpg (145535 bytes)ed it because I was focusing on the training I needed to do that evening.  Special things could happen to us to but as adults we donít stop to detour and if we do we do not get joyful about it. Maybe thatís it we just donít have joy on our list of things to do. I think today I will leave space in my day for a delightful experience that is waiting for me, if I just slow down and look for it.

"May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility." - Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey