Save time in your busy schedule to enjoy a beautiful sunset.What Works

If you want to watch a triathlete unravel, mess with their nutrition before a race. Actually any endurance athlete will flip out if they are missing a component of their nutrition on race day. Believe it or not for months prior to a race we practice eating and drinking while training. Everything is timed and measured. How often you drink, how much you drink, when you eat and what you eat are all recorded. The longer the race the more important the nutrition becomes. In fact it’s not just the nutrition during the event. We monitor what we eat the night before a race and scrutinize our prerace meal. Let me tell you, by the time my ironman race came around I was sick of the multigrain Eggo waffles that I would toast and eat plain before every long training session. The waffles worked so a stuck with them.

For years I was a devoted Franklin Covey Day Planner user. Basically a Covey planner is a calendar. I liked the small pocket planner that would fit in my purse. Now I use the calendar on my iPhone which thanks to Microsoft exchange connects to my work calendar. With the paper calendar I could look at the month at a glance and see when I was over committed. Somehow the computer calendar doesn’t create the same impact for me and by the end of last weekend I felt the effects of overextending myself. When I got rid of my paper planner I lost track of what works.

Just like monitoring nutrition I need to monitor my social calendar. Saying yes to more social engagements than you can handle, no matter how much fun they are can leave you exhausted. Of course we all have different social or public thresholds, which is why we should monitor and measure what works in our leisure time. Have you ever considered setting a cap on your social engagements? Actually it isn’t capping the engagements, but it is allowing time for other endeavors. For me I need a certain amount of time to putter. Time to fool around with my camera, get dirty in the garden or write; all of these activities feed my soul and when I fill up my weekend with engagements, I have to give this up. I’m not sure why I had to have a busy social weekend to realize this, but in its wake I felt tired and bankrupt, and now I know. I know what works. How about you, what works for you?

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast—you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” – Eddie Cantor