Rockwood ReservationWhat Do You Like To Do?

My friend Jeff was telling me about running during the early morning hours at Rockwoods Reservation. His eyes lit up and I could feel his excitement as he described how he would start his run with his headlight on his head and his sunglasses perched atop that. His experience was special almost magical as he would start in the dark with the headlight illuminating his way and finish with his sunglasses blocking the early morning daybreak. As he shared this description I found myself grinning as my head bobbed in agreement. Yes, I loved running in Rockwoods Reservation, yes isnít nature awesome, yes what a treat! My husband on the other hand is not inspired to trek out into the woods, for him reading a good book while on the spin bike, or watching an exciting movie while on the treadmill is a great way to escape into his workout.  I struggle to motivate myself indoors on equipment and he looks forward to it.

Have you ever noticed that some people are motivated by a vision, a goal, a strong desire and this propels them into action, while others donít seem to get rolling until there is a fire lit under their butt? They are the ones who brag that they work best under pressure. I have to question that logic. Perhaps they havenít found what works for them. For me and Jeff itís getting outside appreciating nature and while that motivates me to be almost obsessive about getting outside it does absolutely nothing to propel Maurice.  If I stop and take an inventory of when itís easiest for me to achieve success I find the key to achieving more success. If I use the things that work, if I embrace my natural inclinations then I harness my strengths and supercharge movement in my life.  The secret is to find out what inspires you. It begins with an easy question-what do I like to do? And then how can I take that and use it positively in other areas of my life? As we begin 2012 letís look at our life, find what we enjoy and then run with it.