j0321060.jpg (42401 bytes)What have you done lately?

I was running this morning at Creve Coeur Lake Park when a woman sped by on her bike. She was tucked down and flew by as she hammered out a quick cadence. She had a huge smile on her face. I had to smile as I thought, I use to do that.  I could smile because Iíve just completed a huge swim week for me. I swam more yards this past week than ever in my life (adult life that is.)  One thought led to another and I recalled a conversation I had a couple years ago with one of the parents of a field hockey player. I remember her saying to me, ďI use to play college field hockey. I was in great shape.Ē She went on to elaborate about the good old days when she was fit. The sad thing was she now is overweight and out of shape. All she could talk about was how it was.

fit or.JPG (953564 bytes)Iíll bet you know people like that. You really notice that kind of thing at your high school reunions. The incredible athlete turned overweight and flabby. What do they talk about? The good old days. In their defense Iíve gotta say itís hard. Just ask my friends Katie and Josie who are recovering from injuries. Last week Katie and I ran after swimming and Katie was irritated by how much fitness she had lost. The running was hard. All that work and now she has this uphill climb to get her fitness back. I know Katie; she will do it, but what if she didnít? Very quickly she could become one of those ďI used to run marathons and do triathlonsĒ people.

j0410155.jpg (103826 bytes)The reality that no one likes is that you have to train to stay the same. Itís a choice, if you want to continue to fit in your clothes; you need to work to do it. If you want to keep your heart healthy, you gotta work it. Sorry but what you use to do doesnít count. Itís what youíre doing right now that matters. What are you doing today? What are you going to do this week? Itís all about now. Decide, what you will say when someone asks you ďWhat have you been doing lately?" 

"Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you."
Frank Tyger