What’s Best For You?

Some years ago I was training for a marathon and Maurice accompanied me on a long run. He rode his bike and I ran behind him on the Katy Trail.  I was thrilled to have him along for the companionship plus he volunteered to haul water.  A group of cyclist passed us by and observing me running behind the bike I overheard one fellow say “Gee that’s mean.” 

It was a hot sunny day and I am sure he questioned Maurice’s lack of compassion for my plight. However, this guy did not know what I was trying to accomplish or what I needed. He had no idea how long I had been running nor was he aware of how far I wanted to run that day.  Oddly enough chasing after Maurice on a bike was what was best for me.

Several years ago my parents traded their house for an RV and spent years roaming from place to place. They settled down in the California desert that they love. It is where they want to be. Observers may look at this choice and say “How could they leave their family, gee that’s mean.”

The bottom line is that this lifestyle is what works best for them, it’s what they want.  Although when they started their journey they had no intention of settling down out west.  It wasn’t until they travelled and experienced new places that they discovered what makes them happy.  Same with me running, after I had done some long running alone, I knew that having Maurice along on his bike would be a great benefit.  Here’s the secret: you choose what is best for you. Many times we instinctively know what’s in our best interest, and when we don’t we are faced with a choice. We either choose to experiment and find out what is best for us, or simply accept the status quo or what other people think is best for us.  It’s all our choice. Do you know what’s best for you?

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” – Herbert Otto