Why Not?

While we were in Maui I had the opportunity to run most mornings along a delightful beach front path. This pedestrian sidewalk boasted manicured resorts to one side and the marvelous sea to the other.  Running along this path I saw beautiful sand beaches tucked between rocky sections of ebony volcanic boulders. Luscious hot pink fuchsia plants, crisp white plumera flowers and a fragrant sage type shrub made taking a breath an aromatic joy.  I’d run around three miles one morning when I spotted bunch of tiny baby mushrooms on the lawn of a home.  These miniature mushrooms had not been there the previous morning and they appeared to have been thrown out, scattered across the grass. I noticed them as I ran and considered stopping to take a photo but I didn’t want to stop running.  The next day the baby mushrooms were gone, instead full sized shrooms stood in their place. Who knew that mushrooms grew so fast? I stopped and took a few photos regretting that I had not taken the time the day before to take a shot of the babies. The chance to take that photo had come and gone.  Realizing that I had missed the boat so to speak, I decided that I was not going to let another occasion pass by without taking advantage of the opportunity before me.  So that afternoon when Maurice and I randomly stopped at a scenic spot and noticed people coming and going down an unmarked path we had to check it out. We stumbled upon the Olivine Pools which were formed by lava on the jagged rocky coast below us. Standing looking down the cliff being well aware that I am not too surefooted I questioned the sanity of climbing down this treacherous path. The cautious conservative voice in my head noted that there were warning signs that the ocean could be rough posted and this was not an authorized tourist destination (although it is recommended in many destination guidebooks) but down we went.  Along the way some fellow tourist pointed out the tiny dusting of sparkling on the lava. This greenish gemstone was Olivine which the pools were named.  The hike down wasn't nearly as challenging as it appeared and once down by the naturally formed lava pools we were treated to spectacular crashing surf surrounding tranquil pools and small holes filled with fish, crab and other sea life. I spent quite a while trying to capture the coolest wave crashing on the shore with my camera and came home with several photos.

Here’s the interesting thing, I didn’t photograph the baby mushrooms because I didn’t want to interrupt my running, stop and take the time to do it. I didn’t want to trek down to those lava pools because I might slip and fall. I have a life checkered with things I could have done but didn’t do and the truth be told I regret those missed opportunities. Now the really great thing is that I don’t have to stay like this, I can mindfully choose to take advantage of more opportunities.  Like Jim Carrey in the movie “Yes Man” I can chose to have more yes in my life. There will always be tons of reasons why not but from now on I am jumping at opportunities. How about you? Just say yes.

 “Life is trying things to see if they work.” – Ray Bradbury