WDSCN9156.JPG (596992 bytes)indows of Opportunity

The average last frost for our area is around April 10th with that in mind I started some seeds indoors last march. I love morning glories and moonflowers and both of these plants are not available in garden centers. If you want them you have to grow them from seed. They were the first seeds that I planted. Iíve grown these plants before but for some reason only a couple plants germinated from the first planting batch.

If you were to look at a package of seeds you would find some interesting information such as how many days to germination and how many days to harvest. This year I am planning on planting pumpkins so these dates are critical if I want to harvest pumpkins in October. Now back to the morning glories and moonflowers, since my fist batch didnít take I immediately went out and purchased more seeds and I am now waiting for those baby plants to pop up. I felt a sense of urgency because now is the time to plant. I could generalize and say if you donít plant in the spring you miss out. The seeds germinate when the temperatures are mild and then the plants mature and get hardy through the hot summer months. Of course I could plant in September but why bother, the plants would pop up and the frost would kill them. Fall is not the time to plant; by then the window of opportunity will have passed.

DSCN9148.JPG (997196 bytes)There are windows of opportunity at various points in all of our lives. For example itís so much easier to go straight from high school to college. Not that you canít go back later, but the more time passes, the harder it gets. Thereís a window of opportunity to have children, after you reach a certain age it gets harder to conceive. And hereís a window of opportunity I missed last week: I was looking on Craigslist for patio furniture to use around our pool when I saw a listing with several pieces. Unfortunately I did not inquire until the next day and then it was too late. Now that I have done more research I realize that this bunch of patio furniture was priced great. Regrettably I hadnít done my homework enough to immediately realize what an opportunity it was. I missed the chance because of my lack of preparation. I wasnít ready. And that is where I am going with all of this. There are windows of opportunity in our life and if you are ready you can jump on and ride that wave faster and further than you could simply swim. Something we have found at Dowco is that you immediately follow up on a lead that comes in you are far more likely to close the sale. Again itís being poised and ready for the opportunity. How about you, are you ready for your window of opportunity? Are you looking for it?

ďI will prepare and someday my chance will come.Ē Abraham Lincoln