Write About This

I posted the following note on my facebook status a couple days ago:

"Wondering what to post on my website since I only updated it once last week I did not meet my goal of three updates a week. I'm also thinking of putting my writing on facebook under the notes for all of you here...what do you think?"

For those of you who don’t do facebook here are the replies I received:

Melinda Newberry

You know what I am going to say, I have been bugging you to post notes for what? a year now?

Sun at 6:18pm ·

MaryLou Zimmerman

I think you should put your writing on facebook......

Sun at 6:30pm ·

Jana Tobias McGinty

Post away!

Sun at 7:30pm

Kelly Dowell

No posts, just website! write about the bargain things you get for the house, write about your trip to California, write about a memorable college experience........

Mon at 7:34am

In the meantime I had asked Kelly what she would like to read on my website and that is why she posted the suggested topics. Then a couple days later she sent me an email with a photo that read:

Write about this :)

I looked at the attached photo and thought, hmm, souvenirs? Then in my head I started singing that song “One of these things is not like the other…” I have no idea why. I looked at the odd little grouping of items Maurice and I had brought back from California and thought, ok, here you see our differences. Maurice brings back these weird rubber toys that splatter when you throw them on the ground and then pull themselves back to their original shape. He found these at the street fair in Palm Desert. Me, I couldn’t pass up the fairy ornaments marked 50% off after Christmas. But that wasn’t much of a topic to write about. I thought about this writing assignment and realized that Kelly believed that I could write about whatever she asked. To tell the truth, writing comes pretty easy for me and I probably could write about whatever random topic you threw at me. In fact I have a handful of things that just come naturally for me and I’ll bet you do to. My mom for example is very creative, I could give her several unrelated items and she would create something surprisingly clever. My mother in law Pearl is an accomplished cook and she could produce a wonderful meal out of whatever happened to be in your kitchen.

Here’s my question for you, what are you doing with your talents? You know the things that come naturally, the activities you participate in where time just flies? These are your gifts to share and enjoy. If you’re like me you probably think why should I do it?  There are no monetary rewards, no attention, praise or recognitions. Or are there? Consider this what if you had the power to influence one person? What if by doing something you enjoyed you helped another person? I’ve found that it’s not up to me to place value or grade my work, but it is up to me to do it, to create, to share. Today share your talents and see what happens.

“Your audience is one single reader.” – John Steinbeck